Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Most Recent Trip

Okay so Nick and I just recently got back from our long awaited vacation!! And all I can say it was worth every second. We had so much fun. I took about a million pictures but don't have enough space in the world to post them so I will post a few for now and some more later. Let me give you the scoop.We went on a 7 day Eastern Caribbean Cruise. So much fun. They are so great. We ate from the second we woke up to the second we went to bed, that's how much food they feed you a day, yes we both put on a few more pounds. But we went Grand Turks Island, San Juan Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and Holland America's own private island called Half Moon Cay. Oh my gosh that place was so amazing and beautiful. We played all day and night I felt like a kid at Disneyland for the first time. So here are a few pictures of our trip . I will post some more on my slide show.
On the Ship in Florida the day we left.

St. Thomas at the top of the mountain.

Grand Turks, Margaritaville

This was Grand Turks Island, right off the dock.