Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Adventure to Ohio

So our most recent adventure took us back to Ohio. Wow that place is very interesting. We went back to meet my husbands dad's side of the family for the first time for Jackie and myself. They were all very welcoming to us which was great. I am not going to lie to ya there were some parts of Ohio that were kind of scary, there were absolutely no mountains so my sense of direction was shot. But it was so green with trees and grass every where that was so beautiful, but hte humidity sucked but hey it was well worth it. We also hit Cedar Point the roller coaster capitol of the world. Me not a big thrill rider so I stuck with the basic Choo Choo Train. But it was awesome to see Lake Erie. Here are a few pictures of us with some of our family.

Just outside of Ohio very pretty
We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cleveland the first night

Nick and Me, right behind us you can see where the Cleveland Indians Play.

Ryan, Jackie, and "P" she was tired from the 5 hour plane ride.

In Ohio you see toads instead of snakes yes they are nasty slimey things. Yuck!

This was one of the sunsets in Ohio, crazy to watch the sun hit the ground and not go behind a mountain.

I liked this picture.

Cedar Point, this is call the Dragster. Launches you 120 mph in 4 seconds

Nick and Ryan on the Dragster, They were scared unto death.

"P" on the Choo Choo Train with the wusses.

This one is funny. They are just as redneck as we are here in Utah!!