Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fish Lake

Here is our most recent adventure. Nick's family have a tradition every year to go to Fish Lake. So every year we head up there and go camping for four or five days. For those of you who have never been up there it is beautiful and I suggest you go and see for yourself. The fishing was great this year and we all had a blast, but it was very cold. It rained and snowed everyday we were up there. But I have never seen it so green. So here is some pictures of my husbands side of the family. And what we did at Fish Lake.

This is looking down on Fish Lake the water color is so amazing.

Here is some of our family. We always have a picture taken there every year.

This is Nick's sister and her family. They didnt make it to the family picture.

Nick and Brittani's Tree evry year since we have been up there together.

Nick, Grandpa N. and Ryan (Nick's Bro.)

This is our Neice "P" she is so funny.

"P" and her daddy Ryan

I thought this was a funny picture she was having so much fun playing outside.

Yes, Nick and Ryan are really crazy they thought it would be funny to cook some breakfast on the shovel. ( Sometimes I dont claim them)

Close up of their masterpiece.

Bacon and Eggs anyone?


  1. What a fun tradition! I love "your" tree that is so romantic. Hope you are doing well. Loves.

  2. Gotta love fish lake! Wow those were nice looking fish! We only seem to go to fish lake during the winter for ice fishing.