Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Memories

Memorial Weekend I think is the most beautiful time of the year. So my mom and the girls, Carol and Brandon and their kids, Kayli and Kaitlin, and Nick and myself all went down the day before and decided to decorate some graves. It was so nice we actually found parking spots. Woohoo. And after we decided to let the kids play at the park and have a picinic. It was really fun and so beautiful.

These were some flowers out of my moms and Carols gardens. Beautiful.
Landon eating some fingerlickn' food.

Maddy Jo chasing a bird or bee something.

Shay Shay swinging she had a blast.

Playing on the Jungle Gym.

Maison, I made him smile at me what a cheeser.

Braydon being Braydon.

Kaitlin, and Kambri dancing to something.

All of us going to eat our lunch. KFC the only thing open on a Sunday in Provo land.

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  1. Loved the pictures! I am so glad you guys went to the graves. I think is so important and its up to us to show the importance to the next generations. I don't remember ever doing that when I was young. My family is burried in North Carolina and Wyoming..too far away now. Thanks for sharing!